Dividend Policy

JAC Recruitment regards the return of profits to be an important management issue, to allow us to build a long-term relationship of trust with our shareholders. Our basic principle on dividend policy is to continue to pay stable dividends while securing the internal reserves required to expand business in the future and to strengthen our business platform.
Our basic policy is to pay dividends from surplus once a year as year-end dividends, and the body that determines these dividends is the General Meeting of Shareholders.
Note that the Articles of Incorporation state that, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, a dividend from surplus as stipulated in Article 454, Paragraph 5 of the Companies Act (i.e. an interim dividend) may be distributed to those shareholders or registered pledgees of shares who are listed or recorded in the latest Register of Shareholders as of June 30 each year.


  • Regarding the dividend of surplus in fiscal year 2023, as a result of comprehensively taking into account the fact that this fiscal year's results improved from the initial earnings forecast and the dividend payout ratio, the year-end dividend of JPY90 per share, an increase of JPY5 from the initial dividend forecast, was resolved at the 37th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on 27 March, 2024.The total amount of dividends is JPY3.635 billion.The total amount of dividends includes JPY45 million of dividends paid on the Company's own shares held in trust.

Dividend Trends

2019/12 2020/12 2021/12 2022/12 2023/12 2024/12
Dividend Per Share(yen) 1Q ------
3Q ------
FY-End 80.0080.0073.0080.0090.0026.00
Total 80.0080.0073.0080.0090.0026.00
Amount of Dividends(million yen) 3,3033,3032,9903,2783,635-
Payout Ratio(%) 75.9180.076.865.260.961.8
Ratio of Total Amount of Dividends to Net Assets(%) 21.621.620.821.221.1-