This Information Disclosure Policy has been established with regard to the disclosure of information by JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd. Its purpose is to ensure the timely, fair and impartial disclosure of information to allow shareholders and investors improve their understanding of the company and make appropriate investment decisions. Our Information Disclosure Policy stipulates the items listed below, and will be properly implemented by all the company's executive officers and employees.

1. Basic Policy Concerning the Disclosure of Information

Based on our "Philosophy and Policy", we encourage a fair, impartial and sincere approach to ensure a high level of transparency in our corporate activities, and we strive to actively disclose the details of our activities. JAC Recruitment discloses information in an appropriate and timely manner in accordance with the "Timely Disclosure Rules" established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the provisions of the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other relevant laws and statutory regulations. We also act pro-actively to disclose material information that may impact the investment decisions of our investors in a prompt and impartial manner.

2. Information Disclosure Methods

We disclose any material facts that fall under the Timely Disclosure Rules in accordance with the Rules, using the Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In addition, on our website or by other suitable means, we also promptly disclose any information that, while not covered by the Timely Disclosure Rules, is useful to enhance shareholders' and investors' understanding of our company.

3. Matters Concerning Future Prospects and Earnings Forecasts

In addition to the earnings forecasts submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we also disclose information to enhance the understanding of shareholders and investors by providing projections and forecasts, etc. on our website, or via other means, at the time they are published. Any such statements are based on judgments made on the basis of information available at the time of publication. Consequently, actual results may differ from future earnings forecasts, etc., due to changes in various risks and unknown factors, as well as changes in economic conditions, etc.

4. Quiet Periods

The period from the closing date of the accounts to the date on which the financial results are announced is designated as a "quiet period", in order to prevent the leak of financial data (including quarterly data) and ensure impartiality. During quiet periods, we refrain from answering or commenting on any questions that concern our financial results or earnings forecasts. However, in the event that earnings forecasts are expected to vary significantly during a quiet period, we will issue an appropriate announcement in accordance with the disclosure rules.